Topwater Floating Whopper Plopper Artificial Hard Bait Bass Catfish Lures

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Experience our next step forward! Get the best catch of the day every time you hit the water.

Introducing The Ultimate Artificial Hard Bait Rotating Tail Whopper Plopper Lures.

Something big fish hasn’t really been experienced!

Big fish are so curious they have to bite your lure!

Great for catching catfish, bass, trout, pike fish, or any other Freshwater and Saltwater Species! 

What makes our fishing lures different?

  • The easiest topwater lure to use, you just need to reel and it makes tons of noise and movement in the water to get a target’s fish’s attention.
  • ✅360 degrees rotating tail splashes on water, extremely effective at bringing fish into the area, thus effectively provoking offensive fish.
  • It’s completely unique and something big fish hasn’t really been experienced, predatory fish can’t resist their urges to attack.
  • Realistic patterns of actual fish and the excellent visual effect of luring fish can highly attract and make it easy to catch fish.
  • For efficient fishing, being suitable for beginners as well as experienced, professional fishermen, and fishing enthusiasts.
It creates life-like swimming movement and sound in the water. Splashing about on the surface of water attracts predators to strike.

Big Fish can’t resist boot tail action!


  • Color: 10 colors
  • Length/Weight: 10cm(13g)/14cm(35g)
  • Material: high-quality hard bait
  • Hook: high-quality hook with high carbon steel
  • Depth: Topwater Floating
  • Suitable Occasions: Freshwater & Saltwater Species
  • Package: 1pcs Plopper(13g/35g)/5pcs set (13g-Random)

Key Features :

  • 3D fish eyes and realistic patterns of actual fish and the excellent visual effect of luring fish.
  • The 360-degree rotating tail with life-like and rapid action on the surface of the water with a perfect plopping sound could make noises to get the target fish’s attention.
  • Rust-proof sharp and strong treble hooks, its excellent puncture ability helps to catch and hold tight.
  • High-strength double split ring for connecting hooks to lures, rigs, and leaders.Perfect for heavy-duty fishing.

  • Detail Measurement

More colors to meet all your needs. It can be used on different waters Occasions. 

?A definite necessity for any tackle box!

You’ll have CONFIDENCE made to catch!

Quick, Easy & Strong Fishing Knot.

 Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

1. What makes your fishing lures different?
High-quality material simulation bait, special painted bright color. It creates life-like swimming actions in water and attracts predators to bite.

2. Is this a floating type and what depth?
They are the topwater floating lure. It acts more like a buzz bait than a big walking topwater.

3. What type of species of fish do these lures work for?
Target predators Species such as bass, catfish, pike, perch, walleye, trout, roach, and more.

4. Do these used for freshwater or saltwater?
These can be used both in freshwater and saltwater.

5. What is the price for 13g and 35g lures?
Price 13g=9.99USD/piece,35g=11.99USD/piece.However, you are encouraged to buy in the bundle to enjoy EXTRA saves (up to 40%). The more you buy, the more you save.

6. Do you offer a Guarantee?

SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEED. If you are not satisfied with the product, simply contact our support. We will work with you to resolve any situation.


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